How small are these?

The tinysaur pre-cut sheet of bones is no larger than 2" x 2" (50mm x 50mm) and assembles into a skeleton that is between one and two inches tall depending on the model.

Do I need special tools to build Tinysaurs?

We recommend tweezers and glue, that's why we include them in the All-In-One kits. If you already have these tools, magnification is also helpful for us older folks. We include a 3x magnifier with the All-In-Ones, too. Cross-lock tweezers are like a third hand. We use them to hold the spine while adding ribs, and other bones.

Can my 10 year old niece build this?

Our products are labeled 13+ years of age in the US because of CPSIA laws regarding "toy" testing. Therefore, we do not recommend that anyone purchase these for kids 12 and under in the USA. However, we have heard from folks outside the US that their 9 or 10 year old joyfully assemble the tiny skeletons. It comes down to dexterity and interest. If you or the person you are purchasing for is adept at small crafts, these skeletons will be exciting to assemble.

Is the glue dangerous?

You've probably already eaten our white glue. It's from an American manufacturer you know and trust. You may have some in your house. We include it as a convenience in our All-In-One kits. It easily washes off of surfaces and out of clothing.

Is the glass dome fragile?

Although our glass display domes look like delicate tree ornaments, we make our domes from a durable glass that scientific labware is made from. (It's called borosilicate if you want to Google it) It's easily as strong or stronger than the tempered glass bakeware in your kitchen. We've had most of our sample displays dropped multiple times without breakage.

Are you doing another Kickstarter soon?

We've had two successful Kickstarter campaigns thanks to all of our skeleton building fans! We may have another one soon. Please add your email to our newsletter list to stay up-to-date on our crowdfunding opportunities, and thanks again if you supported our past campaigns!


Do you sell wholesale to Museum Stores?

Yes, we sell wholesale to a variety of organizations. Please contact us for our line sheet. Please include your store URL and your resale certificate.