We're Making a Fiji Mermaid Skeleton

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We're Making a Fiji Mermaid Skeleton

I was brainstorming some ideas for new Tinysaur skeleton kits and realized that we had most of the bones for a SeaMonkey. Unfortunately, that name is trademarked, and not for the brine shrimp novelty from your youth and childhood.

Fiji Mermaid was the name given to sailor art that involved assembling a taxidermied body of a fish to either a carved or taxidermied monkey torso and head. I remember going to the Zwaanendael Museum in Delaware where they had one on display.

If we do produce a monkey/fish skeleton hybrid, we're going to need a name for it. Obviously, this Tinysaur fits with our Mythical Creatures collection, so it doesn't have to be serious, although I doubt Mermaid McMonkeyFace is going to be the winner. SeaPanzee? Maybe Merangutan? How about Gorillanchovy -- since they're tiny?


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