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Our 5th successful Kickstarter has begun shipping. Most of the Velociraptors are in transit to their new homes. We've released the Velociraptor kit on our site and are ready to ship for the holidays. Thanks to everyone who made this project work! You helped bring Velociraptors to life.  

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An artist named Gedelgo has shared his digital files to make a life-sized 3D paper velociraptor skeleton. Print, cut, glue, RAWR! You can download the files and instructions here and get started. Gedelgo has included a file called "Notes and Tips" if you've never built a model like this before. Some of the important tips (that I've learned from doing it the hard way) are to identify the internal parts of a skull, and assemble them first. It's a lot harder to align and secure glue tabs inside an infratemporal fenestra (literally translated as an opening or window in the...

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