Pewter Saltine Cracker in Retro Box by POTUS31

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Own a Lucky 13 Pewter Saltine Cracker
by artist Herbert Hoover
No carbs! No calories! No cheese!

Each cracker is lovingly baked (cast) and packed fresh in Harlem, New York using retro state-of-the-art -- circa 1913 -- technology, plus some modern silicone.

One reviewer went so far as to compare me to the great Campbell's soup silkscreen artist: "With my first token, I get a brown box marked "Cracker" by an artist named Herbert Hoover of Harlem. Inside, folded in nifty silver bubble wrap, is an unmistakable Saltine cracker, cast in pewter, a neat-o bit of pop art to be served with Andy Warhol's soup cans."

-Jen Graves, The News Tribune