Pewter Ice Cream Sandwich

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Chill With A Shiny Pewter Ice Cream Sandwich by artist Herbert Hoover

No carbs! No calories! Won't melt! Guaranteed to last a lifetime!

This is the original hand-made pewter ice cream bar!
There's a story behind this item. My grandfather loved to go for car rides in the mountains of central Pennsylvania. At the end of a ride he wanted an ice cream sandwich. We couldn't always find a store that has the ones he liked, especially when he said, "Hey, take that road. I've never been over there." So, being a good grandson, I set out to make a suitable replacement for the eventual day that he was too tired to keep riding for his ice cream sandwich. Well, it was a big disappointment for him to say the least. He wanted an ice cream and got this inedible hunk of metal. Fortunately, everyone else seems to love them.